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Police fought drugs against a drug mafia fighter in Russia

Recently, a year has passed since the day of the arrest and imprisonment of a doctor, psychiatrist-narcologist Nikolai Kaklyugin from Krasnodar.

Policemen in the city of Rostov-on-Don fought drugs against a drug mafia from the city of Krasnodar.
Everyone is in shock as such a famous person throughout Russia who has 2 higher educations and dozens of scientific papers has ended up in jail.

But not everything is so smooth!

Violations during the investigation:

1) There are no fingerprints or traces of Kaklyugin DNA on the packages with the narcotic substance.
2) His laptop does not contain any data on his relations with drug suppliers and consumers.
3) Kaklyugin’s phone disappeared during his arrest (there is reason to believe that he was seized by law enforcement officials), and the investigation did not even bother to search for this crucial material evidence, although the information from him could also serve as an argument in favor of the suspect’s innocence.
4) No searches were conducted at the suspect's place of residence, although usually it is this investigative action that identifies (or does not reveal) evidence of criminal activity.
5) In the case, there are no data from operational-search activities preceding the detention, such as wiretapping, surveillance, receiving information from secret sources, etc.
6) In the documents of the criminal case, the sheets were replaced after the end of the investigation.
7) During the investigation, the investigator allowed dubious methods of obtaining a signature under the documents at those moments when Nikolai Kaklyugin for health reasons could not give evidence that was attested by medical workers of the pre-trial detention center-3 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for RO.

Judge Popov unreasonably extended the term of Nikolai’s detention, conducts a trial with flagrant violations, in particular, he does not satisfy all the most important substantiated petitions of lawyers aimed at proving Nikolay’s innocence.
The prosecution authorities did not respond to the numerous violations committed during the investigative actions and reflected in the complaints of lawyers. For example, when Kaklyugin without appropriate evidence was placed in the ward of the neuropsychiatric department of the regional prison hospital, taking the previously prescribed drugs.
Nicholas thrice requested that a priest be sent to him to perform the Sacrament of Holy Communion, but he was refused.

The Rostov Court of Appeal rejected Bishop Methodius and Kamyshlovsky and 16 other priests who asked for a change in the measure of restraint from detention to house arrest.

During the preliminary investigation, Rostov investigators blocked the petitions of lawyers aimed at finding the true distributors of drugs and persons contributing to the illegal accusation of Nikolai Kaklyugin. Then this situation was repeated at the hearing, when the judge immediately rejected 9 petitions of the defense representatives.

Exposing a conspiracy and corruption!

Israeli experts - security detectives, having listened to telephone conversations revealed facts of corruption and conspiracy.

In September 2019, the head of the inquiry department of the OP No. 7 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Rostov-on-Don, Lieutenant Colonel Natalia Razumnaya was detained. She is accused of falsifying criminal cases and holding the innocent accountable.
She immediately surrendered all her accomplices with gratitude. She handed over a statement to Kaklyugin’s lawyer, in which it was said that the case was “ordered” involving civilians “dishonest law enforcement officers”. As a customer, she named the leader of the Russian organization "National Anti-Drug Union" (US) Nikita Lushnikova, who is an assistant to the State Duma deputy Sergei Zheleznyak. The doctor’s father believes that Nikolai was detained after he released the aforementioned revelation film about the work of the “National Anti-Drug Union,” led by Lushnikov.
According to Razumnaya in a letter to the heads of the prosecutor’s office and investigative authorities, the detention was organized by Tatyana Petrovna Kuzmina (Nikita Lushnikov’s close friend and owner of the drug treatment clinics at the same time), Alexander Birdin, head of the Department of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for RO, and his colleagues, Skogorev and Boldyrev, employees of the Criminal Investigation Department.
The letter with a detailed description of the whole scheme is dated August 13, however, 1rnd lawyer Pavel Peshikov told the website that the opponents did not pass it on to the court during the trial. The document was attached to the case file only when the defense became aware of the statement of the ex-police officer.
“We have a statement, it is attached to the criminal case. Although it was hidden from us,” he explained. “The prosecution should have submitted this statement to the court in the process, it has been with them since August. But we were the initiators of introducing it to the case” .
Peshikov did not rule out that the defense would ask Razumnaya to appear in court to confirm the arguments stated in the letter.

The prosecutor’s office allegedly made a check and allegedly did not reveal the facts of falsification of the criminal case and did not find fault among those who fabricated the case. However, we can assume that prosecutors could also be involved in this dirty business.

People and organizations spoke in defense and support!

Change.org posted an open letter and a petition in defense of Nikolai Vladimirovich Kaklyugin. More than 3800 people left signatures there.

370 different representatives and 30 priests put their signature in defense on the website Orthodoxy and Peace.

State Duma deputy Nikolai Valuev posted an expose post and an appeal for help to President Vladimir Putin on his Instagram account.

The Orthodox social movement Forty Sorokov urged to come to the hearing.

But! The judge said that even Putin doesn’t give him a decree!

Date, time and place of trial.

On November 12, at 11-30 in Rostov-on-Don, the last trial of Nikolai Kaklyugin took place.

At 18-00 after a 2-hour meeting, Judge Popov announced the sentence in a trembling voice for 4 years in prison.
But the lawyers proved in fact that there is no fault.
There is no evidence of a crime.
Many violations during the investigation and court hearings.
The former police officer detained for fabricating the affairs of Lieutenant Colonel Natalya Razumnaya did not call the main witness.

As befits the law, within 10 days, the father filed an appeal.

Appeal to all representatives of the authorities!

The above facts, in our opinion, speak not only of legal nihilism, which penetrated deeply into law enforcement structures, but also of the indifference of representatives of the prosecutor's office, their lack of spirituality, and neglect of Christian values. But it is precisely the representatives of these structures that are entrusted with the protection of the rule of law in the country, the punishment of criminals and the protection of the innocent! By their actions against Nikolai Kaklyugin, they provoke new outbreaks of social tension, lead to conflicts and a split in society.

If this is published in Russian and foreign media about the violation of human rights, corruption and organized crime groups in the power of the Russian Federation, then we can say goodbye to investors and tourists from Russia! Then the heads of administrations and governors and the president are surprised why Russia has such an unattractive investment and tourist climate. All the troubles are due to corruption in power among officials and law enforcement agencies.

Slander and insults in the media

Immediately after the conviction in court, various articles appeared on a number of media outlets on the Internet, slandering Nikolai Kaklyugin, accusing him as a drug addict of drug use.
But almost immediately after the verdict, the president of the National Anti-Drug Union, Yu.A. Pavlyuchenkova, one of the false witnesses to Nikolai Kaklyugin in court, posted on her Facebook page a large portion of selected lies and dirt about Nikolai Kaklyugin. What slanderer she is, pretending to be Orthodox at the same time, everyone saw at the court hearings, including the judge. By the way, part of her false information was even refuted by L.I. Lushnikova, who was forced to say nasty things about Nikolai Kaklyugin under pressure, because the lawyers know what questions to ask, and Pavlyuchenkova and Lushnikova clearly did not discuss these issues among themselves, and that’s what they called, “they got it.”
However, the enemies of Nikolai Kaklyugin did not stop at publishing slander against him on their personal pages on social networks, and decided to attract some media to this crime. On November 16, 2019, the first slanderous article about N.V. Kaklyugine. I will not name the site, since they showed prudence and objectivity, which should be a normal edition. After exhaustive material refuted by him refuting slander, with the application of a mass of documents (although by no means all) confirming the above, the editors of the site removed the article.
Need more information write an answer to this letter!

To the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

In the social network Odnoklassniki already more than 3 million views of the video appeal. More than 200 thousand people per day watch the video. By the New Year, every 10th resident of Russia will learn about this resonant affair. If the president does not want a split in society, then he needs to take this matter under his personal control. We consider corruption in Rostov-on-Don. The investigation of the criminal case and the trial was not conducted correctly with errors and violations. Therefore, it is necessary to re-conduct the investigation and trial in another area. For example, the court did not conduct phone billing of those who detained Nikolai Kaklyugin and why his phone was turned off and thrown away? It should also be checked on a polygraph of everyone from the police to prosecutors and judges.

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